What You Need To Know About Retiring in a Recession

No matter what job you have or how well you have prepared for retirement, inflation still affects your everyday living expenses and this can greatly affect your retirement lifestyle. What types of things should you be reviewing with your financial advisor when the economy looks like it is headed into a recession? This is one […]

Navigating A Bear Market As A Soon-To-Be Retiree

You’ve done it. You’ve invested, saved, and properly allocated your money to live a fulfilling retirement…but now the economy has entered a bear market and you don’t have as much money as you thought you did. This is a reality for a lot of people right now. How can you avoid this from happening to […]

Common Errors To Avoid When Passing Money To Your Heirs Upon Death

Common Errors To Avoid When Passing Money To Your Heirs Upon Death

Organizing your financial documents should never be a rushed process. These documents can have a massive impact on the future generations of your family and can make a huge difference on how they will be able to create generational wealth. At Heller Wealth Management, we have witnessed and been able to revise many avoidable mistakes […]

Taking Financial Responsibility Before You’re a Widow or Widower

Taking Financial Responsibility Before You’re a Widow or Widower

Although planning for you or your spouse’s passing is not anywhere near a fun thing to do, it is still very important to thoroughly organize your finances prior to it happening. How can you and your spouse maintain involvement in the financial planning process so that you can both navigate your finances once one of […]

How Getting Divorced After Age 50 impacts Retirement Planning

Getting divorced later in life can be more complicated than you may anticipate. Have you considered how your retirement plan will be impacted if you and your spouse separate? Planning for this transition can be difficult and it can be helpful to use the resources that are available to you to make the process smoother. […]

10 Things to Do Within 10 Years of Retirement

By Belinda Tsui, AIF, CFP® You’re in the final stretch and heading towards the finish line. After years of hard work, it’s time to reap the fruits of your labor and enjoy the rest of your life. If you’re within 10 years of retirement, using the checklist below and prioritizing these 10 things will help […]

What to Expect When Working with Heller Wealth Management

Planning for your future includes so much more than just investment management. “A lot of people, when they come to us, they think the only thing that we do is investments, and we’re just another financial advisory firm. But after we go through our one-hour presentation they’re like, wow, I didn’t even know about those […]