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Loss of a loved one.

The passing of a spouse or life partner can change virtually everything for the surviving party. We recognize that the adjustment to such a life-altering loss can feel overwhelming. Our approach to financial planning after loss is to be mindful of ‘where they are’ while providing objective counsel in planning a realistic and resilient financial future.  

During this challenging period, we offer clients invaluable assistance by thoroughly considering various scenarios and helping them make financial decisions during a difficult time.  Our team of Certified Financial Planner professionals at Heller Wealth Management is experienced in helping to guide clients through the financial planning process after the loss of a loved one. 
We utilize a five-step process to help you achieve financial freedom after loss of a loved one:

Step One


Discussing one’s financial situation after the loss of a loved one can be very emotional. While it is important to get an assessment of your finances along with your income and expenses, there is no need to rush into any major decisions. Deciding whether you will stay in your current home or sell can be a big decision.

  • Net Worth/Assets
  • Income/Expenses
  • Living Arrangements

Financial Planning After Loss of a Loved One

Your Personal Financial Plan Covers:

Cash Flow

Cash Flow

  • Income and Expenses
  • Social Security Income
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Life Insurance Proceeds

Financial Plan

Retirement Plan

  • Retirement plan analysis
  • Income Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Estate Plan Review/Update
  • Asset Protection Planning



  • Asset Allocation
  • Long | Intermediate | Short Term
  • Tax Optimization
  • HWM Reservoir Strategy

Housing Strategy

Housing Strategy

  • Downsizing
  • Renting
  • Live with Family
  • Senior Community/Assisted Living
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Say hello to Kate.

The sudden passing of Kate’s 72-year-old husband left her having to rethink not only her personal future – but her financial one as well.

At 60, Kate was still working and had no plans for retirement. Her husband had been collecting social security – and although Kate was entitled to social security benefits, we determined she would be better off waiting because she was still working. Collecting benefits now would reduce the amount of her monthly entitlement.

In lieu of collecting Social Security, we reviewed and rebalanced Kate’s investments and assets in order to provide the additional income needed to meet her expenses and continue living in her home in Woodbury, NY.

Not-too-fast forward.

Like Rome, a new life and secure financial future isn’t built in a day. With Kate, we created a comfortable schedule in order to review and address financial issues over the next year. Cautious financial planning after loss of her loved one accommodated some of the shorter term critical decision-making needed while not overwhelming Kate in the immediate aftermath.