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For more and more people, the concept of retirement isn’t about slowing down and doing less, it’s about kicking life into another gear and making the most of every day. We often get questions about how to plan for retirement over 50. 

The quest for personal fulfillment and living out that dynamic next chapter means reimagining how best to build a solid and resilient financial foundation. Think of it as keeping your life’s net worth working for your life, especially when that next chapter is on the horizon.

It’s key to how we approach creating sustainable financial resilience that enables the new breed of doers, dreamers and still-ready-to-go retirees to confidently pursue their passions.


Say hello to John and Jasmine.

He’s 58 and she’s 57. The couple has lived on Long Island for many years. John wants to transition from full-time to part time work for a bit and then retire to pursue his primary passion: photography.

Jasmine wants to retire in the next few years and then travel.

They want to ensure they have sufficient assets to fully embrace their next chapter and sought assistance in creating an investment strategy to realize their retirement vision. They also have an adult special-needs son – Jessie – and want to plan appropriately for when they are no longer able to care for him.

Middle aged couple smiling retirement over 50 on long island

When John and Jasmine came to us...

We undertook a thorough discovery to ensure we fully understood every facet of their ideal retirement vision. We then:

  • Conducted a cash flow analysis to show where the income would come from to meet their expenses to create the life they envision.
  • Outlined the strengths of proper asset allocation, when the best time to take Social Security would be, and how John’s qualified plans and Jasmine’s Public School pension could best be utilized.
  • Developed various projections for how much they might be able to spend during their lifetime–and created a prototype Retirement Resilience Plan to help achieve their goals
  • Showed how revising their investment portfolio can optimize both growth and ongoing financial resilience within their risk tolerance parameters.
  • Worked closely with legal counsel to establish a special trust for Jessie and coordinated with a long-term care advisor to maintain his well being for life.