Ready, Set, Retire: Key Steps for Securing Your Financial Future (Ep. 127)

We all dream of those golden years when we can kick back and enjoy our retirement, knowing we have worked extensively for the money now used in retirement. But getting to that point requires a series of different checkpoints that will determine if you are truly ready to retire with confidence.  Watch the Video Version Listen […]

Behind Closed Doors: The World of Investigative Techniques with Philip Segal (Ep. 126)

From divorces and inheritance disputes, to fraud investigations and business partnerships gone sour, there are a number of reasons you may want to consider hiring an expert financial investigator. Listen to the Audio Version Watch the Video Version In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP®, sits down with Philip Segal, author of The Art of Fact […]

RMDs & The Age Increase: What This Means For Your Portfolio (Ep.125)

With the emergence of the new SECURE (Setting Every Community Up For Retirement Enhancement) Act 2.0, there are upwards of 100 different changes made that will affect the onset and process of your retirement. The one in the hot seat today is the RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) age change. Listen to the Audio Version Watch […]

Why Women Need to Be Aware of Their Financial Situation with Belinda Tsui (Ep.122)

Calling all women!! Are you currently in a position where your partner manages your finances and you have no idea what they are? Then it’s time for you to get more involved in these conversations. Being aware of your assets and investments while truly understanding all of your finances is more important than ever. It […]

Using a Cash Balance Plan to Save Large Pre-Tax Dollars with David Yackel (Ep.121)

A Cash Balance Plan allows you to put away larger amounts than a traditional defined contribution retirement plan. In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP®, is joined by David Yackel from Pension Review Services to talk about all things cash balance planning. Listen to the Audio Version Watch the Video Version David discusses:  How a cash […]

Investing with the Reservoir Strategy (Ep. 119)

To avoid worrying about day-to-day stock market volatility, it might be a good idea to start investing with the reservoir strategy. Turn off the media, stop listening to those so-called experts that make short term predictions in the stock market. Have a plan in place especially when you are withdrawing money to create an investment […]

Shedding Light on Low Vision with Dr. Steven Schoenbart, OD (Ep. 118)

Do you have trouble seeing clearly? Low vision refers to anything less than 20/20, accompanied by some sort of blur, or loss of vision. To help correct it, there are a number of helpful solutions available, such as different types of lenses, adjusting your diet, reviewing your overall health and bloodwork with your family doctor […]