401(k) Plan Design for an Age Diverse Workforce

Discover insights into 401(k) plan design for a multigenerational workforce. Find out ways to boost retirement readiness and deal with issues unique to each generation. Understand the best methods of retirement saving from Baby Boomers to Gen Z. If you’d like to speak to us about your 401k, please click on the link below to […]

Overcoming Mid-Career Retirement Savings Hurdles

Practical tips for Gen X and Millennial workers to save for retirement Life in the middle can be a pickle—just ask any mid-career employee. They’re often caught between a rock and a hard place, or, more accurately, a kid’s college fund and an aging parent’s medical bills. Add to that the rising cost of living, […]

Helping Early-Career Employees Navigate the Saving Maze

Ways to boost financial confidence and loyalty for Gen Z employees Have you ever found yourself pondering the classic “If only I could rewind the clock and share some pearls of wisdom with my younger self” scenario? As an employer, you have the chance to share this knowledge with your employees, especially when it comes […]

Plan Sponsor Newsletter: Fiduciary Plan Governance Q1 2024

As a responsible plan sponsor, it is crucial to ensure that you are fulfilling your fiduciary duty and maintaining proper plan governance. In this newsletter, we will discuss organizing fiduciary files and benchmarking your retirement plan to help you enhance your fiduciary plan governance. Plus, we explore how profit sharing can help reduce your company’s […]

An Employer’s Guide to 401k Plans: A Four-Part Series (Part III)

Investing Wisely: Navigating 401(k) Investment Strategies Maximizing Your 401(k): Understanding Investment Options and Best Practices Welcome to Part III of our comprehensive “Employer’s Guide to 401k Plans” series. In this installment, we dive into the crucial aspects of 401(k) investment strategies, as guided by Larry Heller, CFP®, CDFA®. This edition is dedicated to enhancing your […]

401(k) Force-Outs and Forfeitures: Managing Assets After Employee Departure

401(k) force-out and forfeitures

Former participants’ small balance accounts could put you and your plan at risk. Here’s how to manage them. When an employee leaves your company, they might leave their 401(k) savings behind. Even though the employee has moved on, you still have administrative and fiduciary responsibilities towards them if their assets remain in the plan, regardless […]

A Cybersecurity Checklist for Employers

It is more important than ever to prioritize the security of your company’s 401(k) plan. The Department of Labor (DOL) has recognized this urgency and has issued recommendations to help employers safeguard their plans. For plan fiduciaries, there are many ways you can apply these best practices to effectively manage your company’s retirement plan. Read […]

Is It Time to Benchmark Your Company’s Retirement Plan?

While your 401(k) plan may not have a chirping reminder, regular reviews, fee benchmarking, and a prudent process are key. Just as we routinely replace the batteries in our smoke detectors, it’s equally crucial to give your company’s 401(k) plan the attention it deserves. Often, retirement plans are treated like a smoke detector with fading […]

Mastering the Art of Savings Buckets

If you want to help your employees in their financial journey, giving them resources on saving best practices is a good place to start. Savings buckets involves dividing money into separate accounts (buckets) each with a specific purpose. Rather than blindly putting money to the side, this gives employees a more organized system of saving […]

An Employer’s Guide to 401k Plans: A Four-Part Series (Part II)

Fiduciary Excellence in 401(k) Plans   Understanding Fiduciary Responsibility in 401k Management Welcome back to Part II of our insightful “Employer’s Guide to 401k Plans” series. Following the foundational knowledge laid out in Part I, we now turn our focus to a topic that is paramount in the world of retirement planning: fiduciary excellence in […]