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Pre-retirees & Retirees

Case Study

Learn how The Heller Reservoir Investment Strategy helps position Retirement Seekers, like John and Jasmine, as they look forward to a secure financial future.  

Meet John, 58 and Jasmine, 57.

During our discovery meeting we asked them what they were looking to accomplish during their retirement or “Second Act”. 

John let us know he would like to work part time for two years and then retire to pursue his passion for photography.

Jasmine would like to retire in the next few years and then do some traveling.

John and Jasmine want to make sure they have enough assets to enjoy life during their retirement. They also need assistance creating an appropriate investment strategy now and, in the future, to accomplish their goals. They also have a special needs son, Jessie, age 25, to consider and want to make sure there is a plan in place to care for him when they are unable.

Here’s how we helped

We sat down with John and Jasmine to make sure we were all aligned and shared the same vision for what retirement would look like for their family.  

  1. We reviewed the cash flow analysis with John and Jasmine to show where the income would come from to meet their annual expense goal in our planning software.
  2. We discussed proper asset allocation, when the appropriate time to take Social Security would be, and how John’s qualified plans coupled with Jasmine’s pension from the public school system could best be utilized.
  3. We then discussed how much they might be able to spend during their lifetime by showing them year by year projections. We ran a Retirement Plan to show that they should be able to accomplish all their wishes and enjoy their “Second Act”.
  4. We discussed The Heller Reservoir Investment Strategy and how we could start an official income stream, in phases, as they are retired.  We then showed them how we would revise their investment portfolio in order to obtain their ideal asset allocation within their risk tolerance.
  5. We worked with legal counsel to create a special trust for Jessie and coordinated with a long-term care advisor to make sure his well being was always taken into consideration.

Using our proven Reservoir Strategy, we divided their money into three Asset Pools:

  • Short-Term Investments (1-3 years)
  • Intermediate Investments (3-10 years)
  • Long-Term Investments (more than 10 years)

These Asset Pools – when tapped at the right time – are designed to provide Money Streams and a stable income throughout their retirement while also helping to maintain John and Jasmine’s Financial Reservoir Investment Strategy. Each of these Money Streams is derived from different types of investments. With a strategy such as this, they won’t have to worry about short term stock market fluctuations as they should have enough cash to ride out the downturn.  They will be able to live their life with confidence knowing they will be able to maintain their lifestyle without undue fear.

Looking Ahead

After reviewing their financial plan John and Jasmine left our office feeling confident that the plan we put in place would ensure a smooth transition throughout their retirement. They understood how The Heller Reservoir Investment Strategy can help them sleep at night, allowing for market correction events, providing them with the Cash Flow they will need to maintain their current lifestyle when they retire. They were also confident about their ability to continue to care for their daughter even after their traditional Income Streams are no longer available.

Heller Wealth Management will continue to meet with John and Jasmine to discuss any changes in their plan and fine tune the strategy when appropriate. When it is time to turn on their retirement Money Stream, we will tap the liquid assets in their Financial Reservoir system to ensure the family’s ongoing financial needs are met.  We will also continue to work with their attorney, CPA, and other partners as needed to ensure that not only are their investments being looked after but their families overall financial future as well.

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  • This material is intended to be educational in nature, and not as a recommendation for any particular advisor or client.  These materials are not intended as any form of substitute for individualized investment advice.  The discussion is general in nature, and therefore not intended to recommend or endorse any asset class, security, or technical aspect of any security for the purpose of allowing a reader to use the approach on their own. 

  • Before participating in any investment program or making any investment, clients as well as all other readers are encouraged to consult with their own professional advisers, including investment advisers and tax advisors. Heller Wealth Management can assist in determining a suitable investment approach for a given individual, which may or may not closely resemble the strategies outlined herein.

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