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Joanna Grace

Client Relationship Concierge

Joanna’s 20+ years in the financial services industry make her uniquely qualified to meet the needs and expectations of our valued clients. Her wealth of invaluable experience has been earned from the trenches up. And if she’s learned one thing over the course of two decades of navigating the not-always-calm waters of financial markets and evolving economies, it’s that integrity, accountability and character are the foundation of trust – and the metrics by which every lasting client relationship can be measured.

Joanna’s ability to smoothly and seamlessly transition and onboard our new clients is a hallmark of her signature style, and her attention to detail and thoroughness borders on the obsessive. A characteristic we all admire, and our clients more than appreciate.

Prior to joining Heller Wealth Management in 2006, Joanna honed her skills at Gruntal & Co. and MetLife Financial. In addition to providing impeccable day-to-day client service, she oversees and stewards the working relationship with our custodian, Schwab. All with an unflappable air of ‘ I-got-this’ and, well…grace.

When not working in the best interests of Heller’s clients, Joanna can be found happily tending to her garden, her children, a French Bulldog named Milo or Humble Warrioring in a Yoga studio. And while she once dreamed of managing a hotel – likely located right next to a Japanese restaurant, since that’s her favourite cuisine – we count ourselves fortunate that she found her true calling in financial services. ( As do our clients.)