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Corin from heller wealth management team

Corin Wray

Marketing & Media Maestra

When it comes to getting the word out about how we’re helping make more mid-life Americans more financially resilient, we couldn’t wish for a more talented and tireless trumpeter than Corin.

A gifted communicator with an impressive list of professional marketing credentials and achievements, Corin’s strategic skills and keen insights on when, where and how to best tell our story have helped build tremendous interest and momentum for Heller. And if – as Marshall McLuhan said – the medium really is the message, then Ms.Wray’s mastery of all things media-related ( social and mainstream ) should continue to stand us in good stead with those seeking to secure a more financially resilient future.

When she’s not busy keeping us on-air and on point, Corin can be found working up a sweat in the gym, or whipping up irresistible vegan Asian fare in the kitchen. An early-riser with a seemingly-infinite reserve of energy, Corin will happily hike several miles before breakfast, work a full day, do some weight training, prepare a sumptuous whole-food vegan meal, and wind down with a little jazz, an oat-milk chai-latte and some ‘light reading’ ( you know, Tolstoy – stuff like that ). In short, just like her ‘average’ day, Corin Wray is anything but.