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Progress - 4th Pillar of Your Complete Financial House Thumbnail

Progress - 4th Pillar of Your Complete Financial House

Let’s get into the fourth and final pillar of your Complete Financial House - Progress! Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of the plans we’ve set for ourselves on our own, so having a planner who is fully dedicated to implementing your strategy is recommended. It’s crucial that we monitor the plan regularly, and have short terms goals that we can meet outside of the long-term plan. This way, we can see our progress and be sure that we are going in the right direction.

After creating the strategy, your planner can use a tracking software that will monitor your progress. You’ll then know whether you are saving the required amount and make any adjustments necessary for success. Tracking will also account for any changes in your goals that may require you to change variables in your financial plan.

Having a successful financial plan includes making sure you are on the steady path. When you are keeping on track to your goals, you’ll have a better overall experience. Life will run more smoothly, and you’ll be able to sleep better at night.

Now that we’ve outlined the final pillar needed to build and complete your financial house, we’d like to recap and leave you with a few key points we’ve mentioned in previous posts:

Your Financial House

Much like building a house, every decision we make with our finances has an impact on something else –Investments, taxes, financial data; all things relating to our finances must be coordinated properly.

Visualizing Your Dreams and Goals

As mentioned, often people haven’t really thought through their dreams and do not know what they want to do. In this case, they also haven’t taken time to write it down. Realizing, visualizing, and writing down your goals helps set the tone & direction for where you want to go.

Gather All Facts

In order to create a concrete plan, you must have all information available to you and your wealth manager. One thing that can really become an obstruction is having inaccurate information, because it can drastically change the plan’s direction.

Calculating Expenses

As another reminder - You should know what your expenses are right now, and where you want to be in the future. Knowing that will help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. This also means considering your cash flow, investment strategies, withdrawal, and Social Security.

Executing the Plan

Once all strategies are in place, it’s time to execute your customized financial plan within your Complete Financial House! We hope this helps. Happy building!