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Love to Travel? Introducing Friendship Force International (FFI) Thumbnail

Love to Travel? Introducing Friendship Force International (FFI)

Retirement is an exciting and strange time in one’s life. For decades, you may have had the same Monday to Friday routine that brought a sense of comfort over the years. Now, the vast expanse of retirement is on your doorstep.

So, what exactly do you do to fill it?

In a recent podcast, I was lucky enough to speak with Ivan Ziegler and learn about the Friendship Force International (FFI) – A group I think could largely impact many of my upcoming retirees.

Now what is the FFI you ask? According to their website: “Friendship Force is a non-profit cultural organization focused on promoting understanding, cultural education and citizen diplomacy through homestay journeys and personal friendships. We are based in more than 60 countries and in six continents, with 15,000 active members and over 300 journeys taking place each year.”

To make it simple, Ivan explained that the FFI is for people who love to travel and have time for it. It’s for people who have the space to be able to host a couple or an individual in their home for a week (maybe in a kid’s old bedroom that’s gathering dust). The FFI offers a community of people with similar interests and goals to work together to achieve them.

Interesting initiative, isn’t it?

Ivan and his wife became involved in FFI when their kids had finished going to college and they had officially become empty nesters. They always loved travelling and had hosted an exchange student which gave them experience opening their home to new people.

The FFI offered them an opportunity to continue building international friendships and enabled them to travel to some of their bucket list destinations.

I know for many of my clients, travel is a top priority once they hit their retirement years. While some may wish to travel alone, or already have a developed network that enables them to travel with a tour guide, the FFI can be a solution to many concerns I hear about regarding travelling.

The FFI creates safe opportunities. Participants involved in the program are vetted thoroughly, which makes it a great way for widows and single women to travel without safety concerns. It also gives single people the opportunity to travel with others and have shared experiences. Plus, you’re always placed with a local who can give you the real experience of whichever destination you’ve picked.

If you’re looking to hear more about this travel opportunity and the firsthand account of Ivan, head on over to my podcast and check out Episode 24.

For more information on FFI, check out their website at https://thefriendshipforce.org and see if they’re a fit for you!