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How to Affect Positive Change in Your Relationships — With Donna Martini Thumbnail

How to Affect Positive Change in Your Relationships — With Donna Martini

A while back, I was going through some things in my personal life and was lucky enough to come across a wonderful woman named Donna Martini. I sat in the front row at one of her talks about wellness, where she shared some personal experiences I really related to. Since she was all about positive thinking and energy, I thought it would be the perfect time to meet with her one-on-one to discuss my struggles and to improve my positive energy. It was a truly remarkable experience. I recommend everyone meet with her one-on-one — it’s an experience you won’t forget!                    

In episode 54 of the Retire Right podcast, I was joined by Donna, who is an activist, writer, coach, speaker, and cartoonist from Oyster Bay, New York. Donna has dedicated over 25 years to educating the public about love, forgiveness, and everything wellness-related with her Positive Manipulation seminars. She has also helped thousands of students and employees learn how to use their innate gifts, spiritual prowess, and human potential.

Since Donna is working to get the word out about our ability to heal and bring forth the kind of future we are entitled to and that we really want to live, I thought it would be a good opportunity to bring Donna onto the podcast to share her ideas — some of which, I hope might inspire you to take on a new outlook or to maximize your potential in your second act of life.

Here are some highlights from what Donna had to share:


Positive Manipulation


According to Donna, positive manipulation is an innate ability we all have to manipulate ourselves. For example, if you’re sitting in traffic and someone cuts you off, you don’t ram into the back end of the car. Instead, you say to yourself, “That’s not a good idea.” You might feel like you want to ram into them or yell at them, but you don’t. This means you’ve manipulated your thoughts or emotions in a more positive direction than what you had originally experienced. These are things we all do each day to make sure we’re decent citizens.

What Donna teaches is how to harness this manipulation and take it to the next level by understanding how you’re physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually connected in every shape or form. These connections form aspects of your overall being and are all working with or against one another. Donna believes that if you can learn how to bring everything into a more positive state of being, all these interconnected parts will then work together to create your best self and your best future.


Turning the Negative into Positive


We’ve known about energy for decades now. We know that we’re mostly made up of water molecules and that we have water molecules between us. We’re exchanging energy all the time. Now, consider all the energy that’s happening with every person you meet. When you walk into a room, you can feel the energy. You can feel people, whether they feel good to you.

What Donna teaches is how you can stay in your own center, create your best energy, and use these to effect change between you and others. You’re never manipulating another person. Instead, you’re manipulating yourself to be in your best mindset, emotional state, and physical state. In addition, this will also help you stay more in-tune with your spiritual side.

One thing that’s important to note is that Donna doesn’t believe in referring to people as being negative. Instead, she calls them people who are in a negative state — because you’re most likely simply catching that person in a bad moment. Their negative state doesn’t mean that they’re always a negative person. Instead, we should consider everyone as a soulful being who has the opportunity to rise. When we do that, we’re giving out love and giving others the benefit of the doubt.

In addition to your mindfulness for others’ energy, Donna also highlights the potential we have within ourselves to not be affected by someone else’s negative statements or actions. Instead, we should take ownership of our energy and bring out the best of ourselves — whether it’s love, compassion, tolerance, or something else.

If you’re surrounded by negativity, you can also ask yourself why you’re in that situation. Put the onus on yourself to understand what you’re attracting and why you might be in a particular position with someone.  

For example, if you’re in the supermarket and you’re standing next to someone who’s in a strongly negative state, ask yourself what brought you there. You could have chosen five other lines to go to, but for whatever reason, you ended up in that particular one. You can say to yourself, “Am I supposed to effect positive change in this person?”

You have the opportunity to do whatever you want with your own energy, your mind, your heart. You don’t have to allow someone to effect change in you. According to Donna, the more love you pour out, the more opportunities someone has to merge with you in that love. If you go ego to ego and or negative to negative with someone, you get nowhere. When you engage in goodness, there is more power than what you can generate on your own.


Mighty Mantras


In addition to her coaching, Donna also has a book of Mighty Mantras to help you generate positive energy. Although it can be hard to admit, we’re responsible for the energy we put out. Our own negativity can predicate illness in our body, can determine our work and what we’re doing for a living, and it can affect our family. Instead, we can flip our outlook and say positive mantras every day — that’s where Donna’s book comes in. With it, you can keep your mindset as positive as possible with her 369 mantras. Plus, everything in the book is based on principles you’ve heard of that are innate within you. When you read it, there’ll be realizations.                      

What’s Donna’s favorite mantra? “I have faith in the powers that be. I believe in me.” She repeats this to herself over and over during anxious moments, and it reminds her that she is more and that there’s more of her at her disposal. There is a higher knowing, higher power.


Wellness Programs for Businesses


In addition to a host of other things she does, Donna also creates wellness programs for companies. According to her, everyone has different needs, so she creates custom programs or seminars to try and help businesses and their employees be healthier, and live healthier lives with healthier mindsets and bodies. She also provides pro bono services for schools, nonprofits, government agencies, the military, police, and more.

When working with companies, Donna will even work on a smaller level, getting to know people one-on-one to try and remedy ongoing problems. She’ll work with individuals who have negative office environments and helps them learn what they can do to create change. And the things she’s able to accomplish effects real changes on both the individual and company level, with companies even improving productivity after fixing any issues bringing negativity to the workplace.

If there’s anything Donna would like you to do when it comes to the power of positivity, it would be to at least try. Don't doubt the process. Don't doubt your ability. Just do it. Then, you can watch how things change. Plus, if we can get groups of people with the same purpose together, we can even effect change in our country. Wouldn’t that be something?

If you’d like to learn more about Donna, you can check out her website at MantraMouse.com | or contact her via email.