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Get to Know the Heller Wealth Management Team Thumbnail

Get to Know the Heller Wealth Management Team

I’m very proud of the team we’ve built here at Heller Wealth Management. Our team is the reason why we’re able to serve clients with the level of service that we do — I wouldn’t be able to do it without them!

To highlight the members of the Heller Wealth Management team, and the people who work hard every day to help clients achieve their goals of retiring right, I invited some of our amazing team members on episode 59 of the Retire Right podcast so they could share a bit about themselves.

Read on to learn more about who makes up our Heller Wealth Management team.

Greg Moss


Greg is a Certified Financial PlannerTM who works with many of our clients doing financial planning and investments.

As one of our wealth managers, Greg focuses on working directly with clients, doing holistic financial planning, and working on retirement planning and any changes that need to be made to plans. He also works with clients’ investment allocation and goes over client visions and goals to make sure their risk tolerance is in line with what clients want.

The reason Greg loves working with clients on this type of work is because he’s someone who has always had a strong interest in money and investing — he even started investing in stocks as a child before pursuing a finance-based education in college. That's where he started getting more into the holistic planning side of the industry and decided that he wanted to do something that involves the market, but also involved other types of finances like cash flow and retirement planning.

Greg’s Advice


If Greg could give one piece of financial advice, it would be to pay yourself first and to save as early and as often as possible. Many people have trouble with budgeting. They often approach it by paying their rent and expenses first and then looking at whatever they have left as what they can save. But what ends up happening a lot of the time is that people end up taking their paycheck and spending it all, leaving nothing behind to save. That’s why saving upfront is so important — it forces you to stay within your budget.

Greg also recommends saving early. No matter what your age is, the earlier and sooner that you start, the more you can benefit from the magic of compounding, which can really help you grow your nest egg for retirement. And for anyone who's already older, remember: It’s never too late to start.


Belinda Tsui


Belinda is another one of the wonderful wealth managers we have here at Heller Wealth Management. She’s been working in the industry for about 20 years now and is both a CFP® and AIF® (Accredited Investment Fiduciary®).

Belinda helps clients with financial planning, and always prioritizes listening to clients and their stories so she can see what they're looking to fulfill in their life. After that, Belinda uses her resources and knowledge to help them fill in those life chapters.

The interaction with clients Belinda has every day is something she really enjoys. According to her, everybody who comes through our door has their own unique story, and learning about everyone’s stories is something that makes her life very fulfilling.

Belinda started in the business at a discount brokerage where she worked her way up from the trading desk to become an investment consultant. After that, she moved over to a bank where she provided full service to clients. She’s also worked for a registered investment advisory group within a large regional accounting firm before finding her way to us at Heller Wealth Management.

Belinda’s Advice


Belinda wants people to know why financial planning is so important. It's a very delicate balance between enjoying your life and not enjoying your life to the point where you have no tomorrow. Here at Heller Wealth Management, we want you to look back and feel that you have accomplished everything — and that’s why you need to have a plan. And if you can't plan yourself, find a professional to do it for you.


Joanna Grace


Joanna has been a part of the Heller Wealth Management team for 13 years now, and she is the one who takes care of and maintains clients’ Schwab accounts. Joanna does everything from opening the accounts to managing any money going in or out of accounts, along with any additional changes clients want to make. That’s why so many clients come to realize that Joanna is the key person to talk to — because that's how they get money!

Joanna is our key person when someone needs anything operational, but she’s also so much more than operations.

When Joanna started at Heller Wealth Management, she also did a lot of operations for client services, which has allowed her to get to know many of our clients, many of whom now look forward to speaking with her and seeing her when they come into the office.


Megan Harding


Megan is also one of our team members whose role has shifted compared to when she first joined. When she came on the team about a year ago, her main role was to assist with client services, answering the phones, and greeting visitors when they come into the office. She also helps to keep our data on clients up-to-date and organized.                                      

Now, Megan also helps with all of our mass mailing and much of our data entry. She additionally assists with marketing and is the one who helps find people to co-host with me on our podcast and the topics they’ll talk about.

Even though we do financial planning, our business is still a relationship business. That’s why Megan is a key person here. When a potential new client calls in, getting a warm, friendly hello is important. It gives them a good feeling of how we are and what we do here — and Megan does a great job of welcoming all our clients.

Megan’s Advice


The main thing about finances that Megan has learned since being with us is that it’s important to establish a budget. This was something she had heard multiple times before, but since being here, she’s seen just how important it is to set a budget and goals for herself.


You can learn more about our team in Episode 59 of the Retire Right podcast, and on Meet the Team page here on our website hellerwealthmanagement.com