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Celebrating 75 Episodes of Retire Right  Thumbnail

Celebrating 75 Episodes of Retire Right

Today, the Retire Right podcast is celebrating a milestone — one that has taken us all on a journey towards a more prosperous financial future and second act of life!

This is a celebration that wouldn’t be possible without listeners like you. In honor of this milestone, we’re highlighting some of the best episodes and the most amazing guests we’ve had so far. You will also get a preview of what to expect in upcoming episodes!

Join us as we take a trip down memory lane...

It Seemed Like Just Yesterday

It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting in my office, feeling anxious and uncertain as I spoke into the mic for my first-ever episode, not knowing what the outcome would be. 

But as time went by, focusing in on all of the constructive feedback I received episode after episode, I felt my confidence grow and discovered my spark and tone through the guidance of both my hosts Matt and Aric, from ProudMouth

Hopefully, this journey has not only been a growth process for me, but for you in terms of your own financial journey. We’ve had many phenomenal, unique, and educational episodes that cater to a wide spectrum of personal financial planning such as 401(k) strategies, retirement planning, selling your house during a divorce, considerations for your residency and taxes, and more. And many more to come!

But this wasn’t all done alone! We’ve had many talented guests share their passions and lend you a hand in your financial journey.  

A Guest That’s Right

When choosing a guest for this podcast, we look for those special individuals where you can really hear in their voice that they’re passionate about their expertise. People who are passionate and enjoy what they’re doing inspire the most interesting and valuable conversations for our listeners.

Here is a list of some of the honorable guests I have mentioned in my 75th episode and who have recently been on the podcast:

  • David Perry , licensed real estate broker and Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist  

  • Rosalia Labate, a forensic financial analyst who guides people through the financial aspects of a divorce

  • Bill Bresnan, a PGA golf professional and golf instructor

  • Sal Albanese, the founder of a full-service CPA firm, Salvatore Albanese & Company LLC

  • Donna Martini, a wellness activist, writer, coach, speaker, and cartoonist

A huge thank you to all of the guests who have been a part of this journey of Retire Right!

The Next Steps

As I shared above, Retire Right has not only been a journey for me, but for you! And we have a lot of new ideas and episodes coming your way. 

We're going to revisit some of our previous topics such as Social Security, investment strategies, wealth management bucket strategies, and introduce more motivational and lifestyle episodes. Along with new topics, we plan to introduce a new format –– somewhat like a panel with more than one guest sharing their expertise, experience, and journey with you. And maybe when the pandemic calms down, we’ll bring you a location podcast that takes you globally.

In addition to the podcast, we have decided to establish and create a more personal interaction with our listeners, which will allow you to get information and ask the staff of Heller Wealth Management questions in real-time through a webinar.

There are many changes and exciting new concepts to come! We’re thankful for listeners like you for joining us on this journey and celebrating this milestone with us!

Find your favorite episode on our Retire Right Podcast and feel free to reach out through our contact page.