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Bob Glauber's “Guts and Genius: The Story of Three Unlikely Coaches Who Came to Dominate the NFL in the ’80s”

Today we’re taking a break from the world of finances, as I recently welcomed author Bob Glauber to my podcast to discuss some of the most memorable stories from his new book, “Guts and Genius: The Story of Three Unlikely Coaches Who Came to Dominate the NFL in the ‘80s”.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Bob since the ‘80s, and couldn’t be more thrilled to see his work come together in this book. If you’re a fan of the game, you’re going to want to pick up your copy today! To give you a taste of what you’re getting, here are some of the incredible stories Bob shared with me on our latest podcast.

“Guts and Genius: The Story of Three Unlikely Coaches Who Came to Dominate the NFL in the ‘80s”

From 1982 to 1992, you would have seen either Joe Gibbs, Bill Parcell or Bill Walsh hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy eight times. As three NFL coaches, they were never able to play one another for the Super Bowl, but this effectively controlled anyone’s coach and team from sweeping this decade.

Together they would create some incredible teams, and football moments, all while individually struggling with their own insecurities on and off the field.

All left an incredible legacy, but particularly Bill Walsh and Bill Parcell set the stage for the NFL we’re seeing today. Every coach in the 2018 season had some connection to either of these two greats.

Bob’s book explores much of the history and behind the scenes stories that shaped the game and the coaches we saw during that time. Bob shared with me many interesting stories and anecdotes from his book, which I’m happy to share with you today.

Bill Walsh - San Francisco 49ers

Over the years, Walsh built himself a reputation as being a jokester. Later on in his life, Walsh along with John Madden belong to a country club that’s caught the eye of Don Shula. Together, Walsh and Madden decide to make the winningest coach of all time work for his membership. With a wink to Madden, Walsh lets Shula know, his membership is on the fence and encourages him to let out a bit of personality. Shula then struts his stuff around the country club to ensure he’s allowed in, giving Madden and Walsh quite a laugh.

Joe Gibbs - Washington Redskins

Vince Lombardi was the previous head coach of the Washington Redskins, and during his career began what he called the 5 O’Clock Club where midweek, players and coaches would gather in the equipment shed for beers. Once Joe Gibbs took over, the tradition continued, giving the guys an opportunity to gather as a team, and experience some bonding. Eventually though, Joe decided to knix the 5 o’clock club, as he felt it wasn’t reflective of the NFL - and clearly wasn’t something that would be allowed in the future. But in 1991, the season of his last championship, Joe was having a chat with John Madden about how he was feeling good about the team, and they’d cleaned themselves up and got rid of that infamous 5 o’clock club. And John Madden didn’t have the heart to tell him it was still there.

Bill Parcells - New York Giants

Many will remember the debacle between Bill Parcells and the Patriots following the 1996 season. At the same time the New York Giants had fired their head coach, Dan Reeves, and were looking to make some changes. Bill Parcells name arose, but due to a split vote from the owners and influence from General Manager George Young, the job ended up going to Jim Fassel, and Bill Parcells would finish out his career with the New York Jets.

It’s hard to do justice to three incredible coaches on a blog, or a podcast, so I encourage everyone who’s got a love of the game to get themselves a copy of Bob’s Book today!

“Guts and Genius: The Story of Three Unlikely Coaches Who Came to Dominate the NFL in the '80s” by Bob Glauber